Twitter’s Ban on Trump Shows Where Power Now Lies

It was a perfect match, and Mr. Trump soon began honing the freewheeling, stream-of-consciousness style that would become his signature. For years, he used the platform to weigh in on everything from wind turbines (ugly) to President Barack Obama’s birth certificate (fake) to Jon Stewart’s comedy (overrated). Mr. Trump’s filter-free musings turned out to be

Much of Pakistan Loses Power in Massive Blackout

ISLAMABAD — Most of Pakistan, including the capital and many of its major cities, lost power early Sunday in one of the biggest blackouts to affect this country of more than 200 million people. The cause was not immediately clear. Initial reports said that the breakdown was traced to a power station in southern Sindh

A Polarizing Canadian ‘Messiah’ Shows How Pandemic Is Shaking Up Culture

Canadian luminaries, including the writer Margaret Atwood, have praised “Messiah/Complex,” which grapples with heady themes such as Islamophobia, climate change and colonization. But after my story about the production was published in The Times, the work also came under criticism. Writing in The National Review, the American conservative magazine, Kevin D. Williamson likened the production