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Should Canada Adopt #CovidZero?

November kicked off with the discouraging news that Nunavut lost its status as the last place in Canada to be free of Covid. ImageNunavut entered a two-week mandatory restriction period to curb the spread of the coronavirus.Credit…Natalie Maerzluft/Reuters With 74 cases as of Thursday, the vast and medically underserved territory of Nunavut imposed additional restrictions

Hurricane Iota Barrels Toward Central America

Hurricane Iota, upgraded to a Category 1 storm, inched closer to Central America on Sunday as countries reeling from the devastation left by Hurricane Eta nearly two weeks ago prepared for another major storm system. “It’s eerie that it’s similar in wind speed and also in the same area that Eta hit,” said Dennis Feltgen,

Suspect Arrested in Deadly Ambush of Mormon Family

MEXICO CITY — A year after the massacre of nine members of a Mormon family in northern Mexico, a suspect was arrested on homicide charges in connection with the case, Mexican officials said. The man, whom the authorities identified only as “Alfredo ‘L’” and a member of a criminal group operating in northern Mexico, was

As the U.S. Election Nears, the World Holds Its Breath

JERUSALEM — If the world could vote in Tuesday’s presidential election, Israel would be one of the reddest places on the globe. Israel’s right-wing government has been showered with political favors by the Trump White House and backed to the hilt, culminating in normalization deals with three Arab countries that made the Middle East suddenly

Witnessing Peru’s Enduring, if Altered, Snow Star Festival

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with travel restrictions in place worldwide, we launched a new series — The World Through a Lens — in which photojournalists help transport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places. This week, Danielle Villasana shares a collection of images from southeastern Peru. Stubbornly

Kamala Harris’s ‘Canadian Dream’

Hi, this is Dan Bilefsky, a Canada correspondent for The New York Times based in Montreal, where Senator Kamala Harris spent her oft-overlooked teenage years. During Wednesday’s U.S. vice-presidential debate, Ms. Harris, a former California attorney general, prosecuted her case against the Trump presidency. But for the past month, I’ve been trying to understand a

Distrust of China Jumps to New Highs in Democratic Nations

SYDNEY, Australia — Xi Jinping celebrates China’s battle against the coronavirus as a success. But in the United States and other wealthy democracies, the pandemic has driven negative views of China to new heights, a survey published on Tuesday showed. The illness, deaths and disruption caused by the coronavirus in those countries have intensified already