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Trudeau’s 21-Second Pause Becomes the Story in Canada

TORONTO — When asked what he thought of President Trump’s call for military action against American protesters and the tear gassing of peaceful demonstrators to make way for a photo-op, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused at his podium for 21 uncomfortable, televised seconds. He opened his mouth, then shut it — twice. He softly groaned.

What’s Lost and Gained When We Put In 9-to-5 From Home?

On Thursday, Tobi Lütke, the founder and chief executive of Ottawa-based Shopify, announced on Twitter that most of his company’s 5,000 employees had permanently become stay-at-home workers. ImageShopify’s Ottawa headquarters will remain largely empty permanently.Credit…Chris Wattie/Reuters That came the same day as a similar announcement from Facebook, and it followed remote working moves by Twitter

Coronavirus Brings Migrant Labor to a Near Halt

MEXICO CITY — A migrant shelter in southern Mexico called La 72 has for years been a popular way station for those traveling from Central America to the United States. Last year it received a record number of visitors, sometimes sheltering more than 2,000 a month. In recent weeks, however, that traffic has come to