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Suriname Elects a New President, Ending Bouterse’s Long Rule

Suriname elected a new president on Monday, ending the long rule of Desi Bouterse, who dominated the small South American nation’s politics since its independence through intimidation and charisma. The president, Chan Santokhi, a 61-year-old former police chief and leader of the opposition, was elected to the office by Suriname’s Congress following a landslide opposition

Santiago Manuin, Indigenous Leader in Peru, Dies at 63

This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Read about others here. This was clear to Santiago Manuin: Indigenous tribes of the Amazon had the right to protect their land and to take part in decisions affecting them. He promoted these principles as a prominent Peruvian human

E.L.N. Members Arrested in Police Academy Bombing in Bogota

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombian authorities have captured eight members of a left-wing guerrilla group who helped carry out the deadliest attack in years in the capital city, Bogotá, officials said on Thursday. Prosecutors said the people arrested were members of the National Liberation Army, known as E.L.N., the rebel group that took responsibility for the

Chief Beaten by Police Is Longtime Fighter for Indigenous Rights

TORONTO — He survived Canada’s notoriously abusive schools for Indigenous children and went on to lead his own nation. He battled governments and oil giants over the pollution of his traditional territory, garnering him the praise and admiration of Desmond Tutu, Greta Thunburg and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. But when police officers double-teamed Allan Adam,

Virus Gains Steam Across Latin America

MEXICO CITY — By late March, the Mexican government calmly predicted that its coronavirus outbreak would peak in April. A few weeks later, it changed its prediction to mid-May. And then to late May. And then to June. Now, with new infections surging and the government facing growing anger, even ridicule, over its constant guesswork,

Brazil Coronavirus Cases and Deaths: What To Know

Here’s what you need to know: ImageGravediggers at the Vila Formosa Cemetery in São Paulo burying victims of Covid-19 in June.Credit…Victor Moriyama for The New York Times Brazil could have the world’s highest Covid-19 death toll by July. Latin America became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in late May, largely driven by Brazil’s ballooning

Trudeau’s 21-Second Pause Becomes the Story in Canada

TORONTO — When asked what he thought of President Trump’s call for military action against American protesters and the tear gassing of peaceful demonstrators to make way for a photo-op, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused at his podium for 21 uncomfortable, televised seconds. He opened his mouth, then shut it — twice. He softly groaned.