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What’s Lost and Gained When We Put In 9-to-5 From Home?

On Thursday, Tobi Lütke, the founder and chief executive of Ottawa-based Shopify, announced on Twitter that most of his company’s 5,000 employees had permanently become stay-at-home workers. ImageShopify’s Ottawa headquarters will remain largely empty permanently.Credit…Chris Wattie/Reuters That came the same day as a similar announcement from Facebook, and it followed remote working moves by Twitter

Coronavirus Brings Migrant Labor to a Near Halt

MEXICO CITY — A migrant shelter in southern Mexico called La 72 has for years been a popular way station for those traveling from Central America to the United States. Last year it received a record number of visitors, sometimes sheltering more than 2,000 a month. In recent weeks, however, that traffic has come to

52 Places, Virtually

When we published our list of 52 places to visit in 2020 three months ago, no one could have guessed how much our world would change. And now, given our stay-at-home circumstances, we’d like to invite you on a series of virtual journeys: You can wander into the belly of an Egyptian pyramid, explore the