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M.I.T. Researchers Cast Doubt on Bolivian Election Fraud

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have cast doubt on a claim that Bolivian officials engaged in fraud to help Evo Morales, the longtime president, win re-election. The researchers, while not definitively ruling out the possibility of any fraud, waded into a fierce domestic and international debate over Mr. Morales’s legitimacy.

Police Move to Clear Canada Rail Blockade

MONTREAL — The police on Monday morning moved in to break up a two-week rail blockade in Ontario by a group of Mohawks that has impaired passenger and freight trains, stoked fears about fuel shortages and layoffs, and created a tricky political challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Dozens of police officers moved in on the

Napping Away Winter in Montreal’s Nordic Spas

Right around the middle of winter, when the afternoon sun was hanging low and the weather forecasters were warning of an evening commute complicated by “wintry mix,” I found myself strategizing. How was I going to survive until spring? It surprised me. I always liked winter but somehow, this time around, the season seemed longer

Mexico’s Last Countercultural Coast

Stepping off the plane in Puerto Escondido, on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, I gulped the thick, tropical air. After three days in Mexico’s high-elevation capital, inhaling the vital, pungent smell of sea and damp vegetation felt like a resuscitation. I hired an “authorized” taxi and drove northwest from the airport, passing papaya farms and

Longest Smuggling Tunnel Is Found at U.S.-Mexico Border

Ventilation tubes and electricity cables run along the rough-hewed walls. Rudimentary rails stretch along the ground. The dank, waterlogged conditions belie the desert conditions at the surface, some 70 feet above. Pictures and video of the remarkable smuggling tunnel, the longest ever found at the Mexico-United States border, were released by the American authorities on