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Legal Marijuana’s Unresolved Issues a Year On

Just over a year has passed since Canada became the first large industrialized nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Here’s the mini version of the article I wrote for The Times about what it has brought the country: tears for investors, frustration for many shoppers and indifference from most of the public, but few of the

Election Fraud Aided Evo Morales, International Panel Concludes

An independent international audit of Bolivia’s disputed election concluded that former President Evo Morales’s officials resorted to lies, manipulation and forgery to ensure his victory. Bolivia’s general elections on Oct. 20 were marred by “a series of malicious operations aimed at altering the will expressed at the polls,” auditors from the Organization of American States

How a Poisonous Mammal Evolved Its Venom

The Hispaniolan solenodon is a wondrously strange creature. About the size of a guinea pig, it has a long, hairless snout, sharp little teeth and, to top it all off, venom-laced saliva. Highly endangered, it lives quietly in the forests of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and scientists have been hard pressed to understand much

‘Voodoo Is Part of Us’

In a dark club in Downtown Brooklyn, surrounded by more than 100 people, Agathina Ginoue Nozy took a sip of Haitian rum. She stood near an altar stacked with skulls, lit candles, cigars, rum, coffee and bowls filled with charred salt fish, boiled plantains, cassava and piman (spicy peppers). “You typically drink white liquor during

Evo Morales Urges Resistance to New Bolivian Government

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Former President Evo Morales on Monday encouraged resistance to efforts to form a transitional government leading to fresh elections in Bolivia after his resignation prompted violent protests by many of his supporters. “You never abandoned me and I will never abandon you,” Mr. Morales wrote on Twitter from an unknown location