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For Prince Harry, No Special Treatment in Canada

OTTAWA — Queen Elizabeth II may have blessed plans by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, to become part-time residents of Canada, but the monarch’s status as the country’s formal head of state doesn’t mean the couple can expect any special treatment on many fronts. When it comes to immigration, taxation and even what they

Giving Birth Where the Family Is

INUKJUAK, Quebec — The woman’s moans of pain mingled with the intermittent beeping of the fetal heartbeat monitor. Her midwife gently coached her in their mother tongue, Inuktitut, as the morning sun cast a cool light across the floor. Finally, a baby’s wail broke through. His shrill cry was a reminder of what Inuit midwives

Legal Marijuana’s Unresolved Issues a Year On

Just over a year has passed since Canada became the first large industrialized nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Here’s the mini version of the article I wrote for The Times about what it has brought the country: tears for investors, frustration for many shoppers and indifference from most of the public, but few of the