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Bahrain Will Normalize Relations With Israel, Trump Says

WASHINGTON — President Trump announced on Friday that Bahrain would establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, following the United Arab Emirates, in another sign of shifting Middle East dynamics that are bringing Arab nations closer to Israel, isolating the Palestinians and positioning Mr. Trump as a campaign-season peacemaker. Mr. Trump announced the news on Twitter,

Coronavirus Shatters India’s Economy

SURAT, India — The hit that India’s dreams have taken from the coronavirus pandemic can be found in the hushed streets of Surat’s industrial zone. You can see it in textile mills that took generations to build but are now sputtering, eking out about a tenth of the fabric they used to make. You can

Putin Warns Belarus Protesters: Don’t Push Too Hard

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia gave an ominous warning on Thursday to protesters in Belarus not to push too hard to topple their country’s embattled president, saying that Russia had formed a special reserve force of security officers to restore order in the event of chaos in its western neighbor. Mr. Putin,

How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime

NORTHAMPTON, England — Josh Bains was 28 when he was killed after an argument over a drug debt of about $50 just a few miles from the English village where he grew up — with a gun that had traveled thousands of miles from America. His was one of a rising number of gun deaths

Air India Flight Skids and Cracks in Half

NEW DELHI — An Indian jetliner trying to land during a torrential downpour in southern India on Friday night skidded off a slick runway, crashed into a wall, tumbled into a valley and split in half, killing at least 17 people and injuring scores. The Air India Express Boeing 737 was a special repatriation flight